Skin Tightening


At our Thanet Laser Lipo clinic, a technique known as skin tightening, uses electrical pulses through a hand piece to heat the dermis ( deepest layer of skin). The heat stimulates new collagen growth by causing local contraction of collagen fibres, improving skin laxity and appearance. To visualise this, think of a wall with collagen being the cement holding the bricks together. Pure Lift encourages the cement to contract, becoming stronger and pulling the bricks closer together. The formation of new collagen acts as a new deep foundation for the skin.

The treatment is instant and carries on working, producing further delayed tightening, which becomes evident over the next few months. The new improved look of the skin will only deteriorate as your skin would naturally, for example, sun damage, smoking and so on.

The epidermis ( top layer of skin) is not damaged during this process. There is no downtime, it is not invasive. After your treatment you can go back to your normal routine.

Pure lift is a great way to tighten loose skin on the face and body.

Skin Tightening For The Body

Radio frequency can be applied to anywhere on the body. It can be combined with our fat loss treatment or a stand alone treatment.

If you have lost weight and want to tighten up your skin, want to improve the appearance of stretch marks anywhere on your body or want to combat the common problems associated with skin as it ages then Lipofirm Plus can help.

It is recommended that a course of six – eight treatments are completed to achieve optimum results. A break of six days is compulsory between treatments to allow your skin time to work.

Before and after photos are taken at each session so you can see the change as you complete your course.




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Photon Light Therapy

Photon Light Therapy is excellent for skin tightening of the forehead, cheeks, chin and neck

Brow lift, skin tightening around the eyes, eye bags, crows feet, drooping top brow, under eye circles.

Skin tightening of the body and can be used in conjunction with 4D cavitation which targets stubborn fat deposits to deliver rapid inch loss

Red Light – promotes skin tightening to reduce fine lines, wrinkles, AIDS collagen promotion, anti ageing and plumping skin

Green light – reduces skin discolouration, aids in the reduction of hyper-pigmentation and dark spots

Blue Light – proposes the singlet oxygen to destroy acne causing bacteria reduces inflammation and aids in the treatment of acne

Yellow Light – promotes skin rejuvenation reduces rosacea and redness in the skin decreases the appearance of blood vessels (capillaries) near the surface of the skin

Purple Light – accelerates cell regeneration and renewal

Cyan light – reduces inflammation in the skin and reduces the appearance of capillaries

White light – tightens and tones the skin, reduces inflammation and normalises pigmentation.