Neck Lift

Eye Bag Reduction

How Does The PureFirm-i Eye Bag Reduction Treatment Work?

The PureFirm-i (pronounced, “Pure-Firm-eye”) is the most advanced non-invasive, non-surgical skin tightening and lifting treatment available that is capable of treating the sensitive and delicate tissues around the eyes in complete safety.

PureFirm-i uses advanced Vacuum Targeted Radio Frequency to precisely target and heat the collagen fibres within the delicate and sensitive tissues surrounding the eyes. The vacuum gently lifts the skin into the treatment head allowing a precise pulse of RF energy to be passed only through the skin, avoiding the transmission of any energy into the eye itself. This ensures direct delivery of the RF energy to the treated area to achieve optimal skin tightening, conditions and toning results, which helps to get rid of eye bags and dark circles under the eyes, as well as fine lines and wrinkles.

Unlike older RF-only technologies, such as Accent and Thermage, which are unable to accurately target the treatment area, especially around the eyes, the PureFirm-i Treatments leverage the latest in “Vacuum Targeted RF” technology. The PureFirm-i Eye Bag Reduction and Skin Tightening treatments causing the following effects :-

Skin Tightening

Existing collagen tissues shrink, providing an immediate tightening and plumping effect.

Old, fibrous collagen is denatured and broken down by the body.

Fibroblasts (the cells that create new collagen) are stimulated to create new, fresh, supple collagen.

Smoothing and Lifting

As the collagen contracts and is restructured, the dermal tissues are lifted and plumped, achieving a more supple, youthful appearance.

Vacuum targeted radio frequency with electronic impedance matching continuously monitors the impedance within the dermal tissues and adjusts the energy output to ensure optimal therapeutic effect, whilst also maintaining complete safety.

How does this have a skin tightening effect?

Loose skin due to weight loss or ageing of the supporting tissues appears wrinkled and lifeless. Old, fibrous and dis-organised collagen fibres are unable to support the skin.

The PureFirme Skin Tightening treatments achieve immediate lifting and tightening effects as existing collagen fibres contract, as well as longer lasting tightening, smoothing and lifting as new collagen is produced.

A massage oil is applied to the treatment area, then the PureFirme Face and Neck Lift treatment commences. The PureFirme technology generates heat in the subcutaneous layer, causing the existing active collagen to contract, delivering immediately tighter feeling skin.

The RF energy also selectively denatures (breaks down) the old, inflexible collagen and stimulates the re-growth of fresh, healthy and flexible collagen fibres. With successive treatments, this cumulative effect will deliver long lasting results!

The Photodynamic Therapy energy is absorbed gently by the skin, conditioning and toning the surface tissues to provide a more even skin tone and youthful glow.

The laying down of fresh, new collagen fibres results in skin remodeling, taking place over 3-6 months and lasting up to two years, although “top up” treatments every 6-9 months can prolong this effect.

End Result

The volume of collagen increases in a more organised structure. This reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, whilst also providing tighter, plumper firmer feeling skin. Altogether a more youthful, supple and smoother complexion is achieved, with a significant reduction in dark circles, eye bags and the fine lines and wrinkles apparent in ageing skin.